About our team:

“Helping our Clients realize their Vision” is at the core of every Client delivery model MedMatica deploys. We do this by creating Client centric approaches and services enabled by our lean model of management, large pool of consulting resources, and breadth of service and solution experiences. Every Client Partnership MedMatica commits to is backed by the organization with a Client Partner Team – not just the consultant or the traditional “Engagement Manager”. Every Client Partner has assigned:

  • Executive Management Representation - A dedicated member of our Executive Management Team representing the partnership and our corporate commitment to quality and value.
  • Client Services Representation (Care Managers) - A dedicated member of our Client Services Team who is responsible and accountable for the delivery of our services and solutions. Care Managers act as a point of contact for partnership activities, monitor consultant performance to ensure achievement of engagement deliverables, and facilitate status reporting to our Clients.
  • Recruiting Representation - A dedicated member of our Recruiting Team is assigned to each Client Partnership. This dedicated individual leverages other full-time recruiting staff as well as our internal corporate talent database to source, present and staff Client engagements and projects.
  • Solution Delivery Team - Whether it is one consultant or a team of consultants, the Solution Delivery Team is composed of MedMatica’s consultant resources that provide their efforts to exceeding the goals and expectations of our Clients.

Leadership Members: