Application Implementation Services

Education and Training Services

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MedMatica’s proven Solution Adoption Methodology evolved over years of providing education and training services to our clients. Developed by education and training experts and using best practice standards, all MedMatica education and training engagements are staffed with certified learning professionals. Our end-to-end learning program services are focused on technology adoption and optimization.

Addresses both the end-user and the technology:

  • Promotes enterprise sustainability and replicability
  • Customized to meet the unique needs of an organization
  • Considers the end-user learning profile and the technology profile
  • Blends both instructional and scenario based training approaches

Supports any technology in any healthcare environment:

  • Enables technology adoption and optimization
  • Leverages existing work effort and client staff
  • Integrates with corporate education and training programs
  • Scales to any size organization and any number of end-users

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