As providers grapple with the reopening of services and rescheduling of delayed procedures, they are also facing additional challenges. During the pandemic individuals have lost insurance coverage, service authorizations have expired, and patients who have been furloughed find it challenging to pay their deductibles and co-payments. This, in addition to Providers losing qualified staff or trying to play catch-up with slower payer responses, leads to slower reimbursement.

MedMatica Consulting Associates stand ready to help you address these critical issues as you reopen for business and attempt to recover part of your lost revenue stream. MedMatica has trained staff and operations managers ready to help supplement your current staff and address your short- and long-term needs.

  • – Trained remote schedulers who work extended hours to maximize patient contact to refill scheduling templates
  • – Experienced pre-authorization experts who assist in verifying coverage and securing the appropriate authorization
  • – Financial counselors who initiate the sensitive discussion on securing payment or developing workable payment plans
  • – Accounts Receivable professionals who help secure insurance payments from aged accounts receivables

Our ability to work remotely and within your systems results in rapid deployment and complete documentation within your system.

To find out more about our Revenue Cycle Services contact Bruce Adler, Practice Leader, at or call  201.704.6552.