Medmatica Consulting Associates partnered with Health Quest physicians to manage the voice recognition project, design templates, tests, the training of end-users, and the implementation of Nuance Communications, Inc.’s Dragon Medical speech recognition technology . The MedMatica team worked with both Health Quest and Nuance to identify and utilize best practices during the implementation.

The project’s most substantial challenge was managing the forward, positive momentum and maintaining the satisfaction and commitment of over 900 clinicians across all specialties. Health Quest also battled with the common challenge that faces all healthcare organizations:  balancing the demanding set of regulatory requirements with implementing new, much desired, clinical functionality. Medmatica successfully managed the issues and risks, as well as the technical aspects including: software fix deployment, issue triage through to resolution, and coordination across multiple vendor solution teams. 

At the conclusion of the project, Health Quest improved their operational efficiency within their healthcare organization by implementing streamlined clinical documentation. The consulting team delivered a project post-mortem that included education in order to improve future Health Quest projects. Specifically, Health Quest realized the following benefits within 12 months:

                  • > 70% reduction in dictation and transcription costs within 12 months.
                  • > 95% electronic physician documentation usage 
                  • Improved legibility of the hospital medical record, resulting in quicker billing turnaround times
                  • 25% reduction of CDS queries
                  • Improved accuracy of coding and documentation

Nuance and Health Quest published a multi-year study in August 2018: “Provider Adoption of Speech Recognition and its impact on Satisfaction, Documentation Quality, Efficiency, and Cost in an Inpatient EHR,” is available on PubMed Central, the U.S. National Institutes of Health digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature. The results were presented at the Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems Conference and American Medical Informatics Association’s 2018 Informatics Summit.“ (1)  

The MedMatica team of experienced consultants provided superior consultative services and delivered Health Quest’s clinical documentation with voice recognition on time and on budget.

Medmatica’s expert team is available to assist with your voice recognition transition.  If you are interested in talking to our leadership, please contact us my phone (610) 827-1356 or email us

(1) The benefits identified in the multi-year study showed an improvement over those reported by Medmatica in the first 12 months, including an 81% decrease in transcription costs ($1.37 Million) and 81% of providers reporting improved documentation.  The full study can be found in at