What our Subject Matter Experts are saying...

We provide our services to many of the most prestigious healthcare organizations in the region through the guidance of our Healthcare IT subject matter experts.

  • Great company with wonderful people who care about what they do!

    Kimberly Lake
  • Not only does MedMatica meet the needs of the customer but they also meet the needs and wellbeing of the contractor. They are aware of our needs and accommodate every aspect on both sides. I like the way they do business and, in this industry, it is the Gold Standard.

    Grant Bacon
  • MedMatica is a friendly, easy firm to work with. They keep processes simple so that consultants can focus our energy on delivering results for our clients.

    Ari Metzger
  • I’ve worked with MedMatica for the past couple of years and I’m always excited to take a new project on with them. When I’m with MedMatica they always make me feel part of the family and organization.

    Robert Kennedy
  • MedMatica has been a great firm to work for they have given me all the tools necessary to perform my job role with the client and have been available for any guidance I have ever needed while on my project.

    Kyle Kaneiss
  • MedMatica is a great company to work with. They are quick to respond to questions or concerns, and the staff is friendly and professional. Towards the end of a project, they are already seeking to staff their consultants on their next project. I highly recommend MedMatica as a top consulting firm for Epic or other vendor projects.

    Toni Petersen
  • On rare occasions, you find a healthcare IT consulting group that actually lives out its mission of delivering service and value to both clients and the professionals they employ. MedMatica is that kind of company. In addition to some of the most talented, innovative, and dedicated consultants in the field, MedMatica’s corporate team works overtime to make sure that every team member has what they need, when they need it, in order to fulfill client expectations. As a learning manager, I have never felt more empowered to go the extra mile, or more encouraged to deliver exceptional service and value from start to finish.

    Jim ChambersLearning Management Subject Matter Expert
  • MedMatica is a firm that supports its consultants. They help manage the relationship with the client not making you feel like you are on your own. I have over twenty years of consulting experience and this is a great firm to work for.

    Steve VowelsProject Manager
  • MedMatica has been great to work with and the recruitment and management staff work hard at placing you in the right project that fits your skills. They were able to accurately identify my background/expertise and contacted me with an opportunity that was a perfect match for me.

    Kyle Kaneiss, MISEpic Resolute Hospital Billing Analyst
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