Associate Spotlight Summer 2020

September 3, 2020

Angela Matthews, MHA, BSN/RN Our team helps in a big way – AGAIN!! This fall, when Covid-19 halted many health-care projects, Angela Mathews, MHA, BSN/RN, found herself looking to utilize her wisdom and add value close to home. And did she ever! Angela signed up for the task on the, a volunteer website, and was contacted by the deputy mayor of Chicago on Easter Sunday to see how she could contribute with the COVID-19 response for the city. Her volunteer work quickly led to a paid position.

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Associate Spotlight Summer 2018

July 15, 2018

Kimberly Lake, Subject Matter Expert in Cerner Patient Accounting. Pictured: Kimberly [right] and her husband at their youngest daughter’s college graduation May 2018 Kimberly is currently a Revenue Cycle Subject Matter Expert and been working as Subject Matter Expert in Cerner Patient Accounting for a year and a half in a consulting role. Kimberly joined MedMatica Consulting Associates one year ago after retiring from Memorial Hospital at Gulfport in January of 2017. Her favorite project so far has been the 4 months spent in Vail, Colorado on a project in with Cerner. “Wow, was the scenery breathtaking!” Kimberly shared.

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Associate Spotlight Spring 2018

April 2, 2018

Sue: Beaker Project Manager Pictured: Sue and her husband in Rome 2017 Sue is currently the Beaker Project Manager and an analyst builder for UPMC Pinnacle and has been in this role for about a year. This is her first project with us. “Our go-live is scheduled for April 29th, so it’s been a busy year!” Sue shared.

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