Angela Matthews, MHA, BSN/RN

Our team helps in a big way – AGAIN!!

This fall, when Covid-19 halted many health-care projects, Angela Mathews, MHA, BSN/RN, found herself looking to utilize her wisdom and add value close to home. And did she ever! Angela signed up for the task on the, a volunteer website, and was contacted by the deputy mayor of Chicago on Easter Sunday to see how she could contribute with the COVID-19 response for the city. Her volunteer work quickly led to a paid position.

She completed a playbook for activating clinical staffing models that can be easily adjusted for not only Covid-19, but other pandemic related events. Users of the model can input the population, review the space design that they have, assess staffing needs and number and locations of donning and doffing stations, and accurately determine how to staff. The model supports the staffing, location, and capacity needs of support. It also supports wrap-around services and medical facility employees. Angela worked with the CFO to develop a reporting model of vendor expense in all red zones.

“The client wanted to map out vendor expense for the entire hospital, but there was not enough time,” explains Angels Matthews. We asked how it feels to have had such a direct impact on the care and planning for Covid-19 patients. Angela noted, “It was very satisfying and rewarding to know that my knowledge and experience helped guide operational innovation initiatives for, not just one ACF but several, and has been viewed as reproducible and desirable.”

Because of her success as Healthcare Operations Director at the first ACF, Angela was sought out to help as a Clinical Quality Officer at another ACF. She is currently assisting with change management, clinical and facility safety, and of course, clinical staffing models.

When not at work, Angela enjoys reading, cooking, listening to music, and traveling. Her most recent trip was in the summer of 2019 when she went on a medical mission to Zambia to work with an eye surgery team.

We are anticipating Angela’s return to MedMatica as soon as her previous client is again operational. They have expressed that it should be soon!!

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us, Angela! Thank you for reading. You could be the next associate in the spotlight!