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We have a proven track record of providing exceptional value to Academic Medical Centers, For-Profits, Not-For-Profits, Community-Based Hospitals, Critical Access Hospitals, Physician Groups, Ambulatory Groups, and Extended Care Groups. Our services and solutions are evolving and adapting to fit the ever-changing landscape of the Healthcare industry. We provide implementation and technology services and support, as well as advisory services for system optimization and improved operational performance.


MedMatica Consulting Associates (“MedMatica”) was founded in 2001 with one goal:  provide Information Technology services to the Healthcare industry with a dedicated commitment to value and quality. “Helping our Clients realize their Vision” is at the core of every engagement we perform. Our experienced Subject Matter Experts provide the knowledge and expertise needed to rapidly begin providing the services and support required.


MedMatica is led by an executive team comprised of Healthcare professionals, each having experienced a minimum thirty-years of evolution in the Healthcare industry. Members have experience and knowledge from all sectors of the industry including services and solutions, software, providers, insurers and vendors. This unique and diverse pedigree allows MedMatica to define leading edge, applicable Healthcare services and solutions that address not only our Client’s current needs but position them for future growth and change.

Benefits of Service

MedMatica Consulting Associates delivers exceptional service and value, leading to tangible and measurable results helping our Clients improve their business outcomes.

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Our Services

Project Management and Interim Leadership Services

Deploying tenured and credentialed professionals to augment our Client’s staff with interim management and leadership positions, program and project management roles, solution portfolio management, and PMO development.


Providing hands-on assistance for leading technology solutions with a dedicated focus on implementation, optimization, support, legacy application support, managed services, and application management.


Leveraging our extensive experience to assist with strategy development, evaluating and selecting technology solutions, defining optimal processes, and pre-implementation planning focused on transformation efforts and initiatives.

Education and Training Services

Recognizing the need to educate and train an enterprise workforce, MedMatica has developed an end-to-end Solution Adoption Methodology that focuses on optimal use of both existing and new solutions.

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Leadership Team

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