Dennis Antishin is a Client Services Executive for MedMatica, and in this role, is responsible for business development.  He has over 30 years of healthcare experience working in all segments of the healthcare industry focusing on creating customized solutions that meet the unique challenges of his clients.

Prior to joining MedMatica, Dennis worked for Superior Consulting Company, Affiliated Computer Services, Xerox, Resources Global Professionals and most recently, Marsh ClearSight.  Throughout his career, he has been responsible for solution delivery, account management, business development, and operations management.  Dennis brings to MedMatica a diverse set of skills and healthcare experiences from his work throughout the United States as well as Europe and the Middle East.  He continues to address the healthcare landscape and is versed in both technology and management consulting services.  

Dennis has dedicated his entire career to the Healthcare industry.  His sphere of knowledge is drawn from working directly for provider organizations, service vendors, and software vendors alike.  Additionally, his exposure to all types of entities allows him to leverage leading-edge solutions that meet the demands of any healthcare organization.