Recently in NYC, KLAS Vice Presidents Taylor Davis and Mitchell Josephson provided MedMatica and Healthcare Professionals from the New York City area an update on their findings from the KLAS Arch Collaborative. This group measures and analyzes Clinician Satisfaction with their EHR. KLAS has helped over 180 member organizations in 9 countries measure the feedback of their EHR system users. Based on the data gathered, the KLAS team has put together 10 key attributes that successful organizations demonstrate.

Here are ten attributes:

  1. Successful organizations have IT and informatics leadership that builds strong bridges to work closely with clinical leadership.
  2. Successful organizations capture the hearts and minds of their clinicians so that deep EHR education takes place. They help clinicians see how the EHR is more than software: it is the embodiment of the organization’s clinical workflows.
  3. Successful organizations help clinicians understand that they are responsible for their own success. This includes utilizing EHR personalization, learning EHR functionality and successfully escalating challenges.
  4. Successful organizations create fast tracks for EHR enhancements so that many small changes can be made quickly.
  5. Successful organizations are incredible communicators. They utilize multiple methods of communication, often brand their communications and are highly creative.
  6. Successful organizations have IT leaders that listen, round and know what is happening with their clinicians.
  7. Successful organizations understand change management and human motivation.
  8. Successful organizations have a service-oriented culture. They work very hard to not say ‘no’ to clinician requests. They work hard to ‘flip’ the most unhappy clinicians.
  9. Successful organizations are agile in their development, avoiding long prioritization lists.
  10. Successful organizations understand and work on the holistic workflows of the organization. They take responsibility for adjusting workflows that don’t work—even if they are only part of the problem.

MedMatica has assisted numerous organizations to optimize the use of EHR technology and improve their clinician’s level of satisfaction. If you are interested in knowing more, please click here and we will get back to you in one business day.