Kimberly Lake,
Subject Matter Expert in Cerner Patient Accounting.

Pictured: Kimberly [right] and her husband at their youngest daughter’s college graduation May 2018

Kimberly is currently a Revenue Cycle Subject Matter Expert and been working as Subject Matter Expert in Cerner Patient Accounting for a year and a half in a consulting role. Kimberly joined MedMatica Consulting Associates one year ago after retiring from Memorial Hospital at Gulfport in January of 2017. Her favorite project so far has been the 4 months spent in Vail, Colorado on a project in with Cerner. “Wow, was the scenery breathtaking!” Kimberly shared.

What do you love about your job right now? At Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, we began our journey with a Big Bang Cerner implementation in early 2013. I was a member of the MHG team and it was a journey that was not without its pitfalls, however, we went live in June 0f 2014 and were very successful. Because of our success with Cerner Patient Accounting, MHG became a flagship hospital for Cerner. We hosted numerous hospitals who wanted to see our Cerner solutions in action. We featured Cerner Patient Accounting and presented our Revenue Cycle journey and lead roundtable discussions with visiting hospitals Rev Cycle leaders. It was these interactions that led me down the path that I am on because in an implementation like Cerner, “You don’t know what you don’t know’ and I firmly believe that any hospital implementing Cerner Revenue Cycle solutions needs to have an advocate on their team to help with the Cerner lingo and guidance toward making solid informed decisions. I also love working with the people at Good Shepherd. The culture there is, by far, one of the best that I have had the opportunity to be part of and I derive immense satisfaction knowing that I am contributing to their success.

What do you particularly enjoy about working with MedMatica? I find the folks at MedMatica to be professional, caring, easy to communicate with. And I admire their dedication to finding highly qualified consultants for their clients! I have met several who have been on the team at Good Shepherd and they are stellar!

Is there anything else you would like to share? I have three magnificent grown children and two fabulous grandchildren, ages 3 and 6, with two more on the way (twins)! My husband and I live on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast with our 2 dogs and 4 cats. Hurricanes aside, it is a magical place to live!

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us, Kimberly! Thank you for reading. You could be the next associate in the spotlight!